Disney Store – Star Wars

Two of these props BB-8 (camera left) and R2-D2 were fabricated in our shop for display at The Disney store in NYC and later a nationwide tour of Disney stores. This is to support sales of Sphero's new line of Star Wars licensed products.

Final details being added to R2-D2 fully hand fabricated in our shop in four weeks. Lead model maker Wendell (camera left) and shop foreman, Jason, apply final touches to this high detail Disney store display. This model took all of the skills that are utilized in our shop: model work, paint, CNN, vacuum forming and silicone casting.

This is the just completed BB-8 display model, hand fabricated and painted in our shop. The body and head were vacuum formed in house by our skilled sculptors and model makers. The paint on this was very tricky as we could not use CNC cut masking due to the shape.