Bucky the Bull

Armature for "Bucky The Bull" built to hold a person up to 800lbs and soon to be covered with semi-hard foam and sculpted into a bull shape.

After Bucky's body was completely covered in rigid foam his head was CNC rough cut to resemble customer BlackLine's mascot. Our talented sculpting crew is led by Neana Valencia. The bull was then hard coated in plastic and reinforced in Fiberglas and epoxy.

custom prop

This 600lb bull was finished in automotive urethane after one week straight of sanding and primer. Total turn-around time was 3.5 weeks (drawing to show). Bucky will be making numerous appearances at BlackLine events.

Bucky makes his debut at the Los Angeles Annual BlackLine sales meeting. All ready for those urban cowboys to jump up and take a cell phone photo. The customer was stunned by how much the bull resembled their toy icon.